Our Culture

PINK passengers are not merely observers - they experience destinations alongside trusted adventure guides. Guides learn their names, share unique stories and connect them to the land beneath their feet. Guests may enter as tourists, but they leave as stewards.


The Spirit of PINK

When one joins a tour, one enters a story that takes them off-grid and behind the scenes of some of the most extraordinary landscapes on the planet. Intimate, immersive and expert-led, we provide journeys as distinct as those who take them.


Our Mission

Creating Memories Worth Repeating®
It’s always been Herschend’s goal to have each and every guest leave with two things: a smile and a deeper connection with each other.


Our Values


We Greatly Exceed Guests' Expectations

  • With distinctive, themed, entertaining experiences for every member of the family.
  • With genuinely friendly, caring people who take pride in what they do.


We Create Emotional Connections

  • By treating guests like a member of our family.
  • By providing shared experiences that bring families closer together.


We Serve Others

  • By working as a team and empowering each other.
  • By being accountable to our guests, each other and the communities we serve.
  • By Leading with Love; being Patient, Kind, Humble, Respectful, Trusting, Unselfish, Forgiving, Truthful and Dedicated.


We Constantly Improve

  • By adapting to our guests' changing expectations.
  • By managing safety, security, risks and resources.
  • By investing in people and products to produce growth and provide a reasonable return on our investment.