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Private VIP Tours

Available for 1–10 people

Big fun for smaller groups

If you’re looking to treat your special someone, a well-deserving team, a few key clients or your family to an unforgettable day, book a private VIP tour in or around Sedona, Las Vegas or the Grand Canyon. Reserve your own Pink® Jeep® for an intimate off-road trek or enjoy a comfortable escape in our Tour Trekker SUVs. The hardest part? Deciding which pictures to frame after filling a camera on your amazing day.


  • Private pick up and drop-off at your hotel or resort
  • Work with our dedicated staff and expert guides to find the perfect VIP tour
  • Enjoy privacy for your small group and its guests
  • Celebrate special occasions with a more personal experience
  • Treat your group to great food, drinks and activities tailored to your guests

Catering Options

We can offer many different food and beverage options, including light snacks, picnic lunches and cold drinks or even a gourmet catered meal awaiting you at a picturesque destination. Contact our team to see what we can do for you.

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Ready to roll

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Our team will send you a quote and specifics within 48 hours. For more details, call (844) 375-7465.

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