Las Vegas Hoover Dam Tours Overview


Tours to Hoover Dam from Las Vegas

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Visit the Hoover Dam with the most trusted tour company in Las Vegas.
Your guide is more than a driver:
An expert in the history and workings of the dam.
Travel in a fully customized Tour Trekker,
every passenger rides first class.
Choose the Classic tour and your guide will personally escort you
Onto the dam for an informative exploration of this engineering marvel.
Then tour the power plant inside the dam
and learn how it generates electricity to power the lights of Las Vegas.
Upgrade to the Top-to-Bottom tour
And include a 20-minute float trip
on the Colorado River below the dam,
an incredible view and an unforgettable experience.
Or combine a tour of Hoover Dam with an excursion
to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon
The perfect combination of natural beauty and man-made wonder.
The Hoover Dam: ingenuity and innovation!
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