R.O.C.K.S. Program Featurette


We don’t just visit the places we tour,
We take care of them, so they may be enjoyed—
And cared for—by generations to come.
Each year, we provide an educational adventure
To 4th-grade students from area schools,
affectionately known as the ROCKS program:
Reinforcing Our Children’s Knowledge of Stewardship.
A cultural excursion that combines
the thrill of an off-road adventure with
respect for Native American history.
Together we explore the Honanki Heritage Site,
a cliff dwelling and rock art site,
and play interpretive games
in conjunction with 4th-grade curriculums.
Stepping into the past to discover the people
who lived here hundreds of years ago.
Teaching our children how to be stewards
of the amazing world they will inherit.
Just like we do on every tour we offer.
“Pink Jeep rocks!”
Pink Jeep Tours. Explore with us.