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Educational tours and excursions

Experience hands-on learning

Inspire youth with educational adventures in their own backyards. From in and around Sedona, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and the Smoky Mountains, our certified guides offer unique insights into nature, history and culture while prioritizing safety. Our tours combine outdoor learning with STEM curriculum (science, technology, engineering and math) to enhance students' curiosity, exploration and sensory stimulation, from kindergarten age through college. Youth gain a deeper understanding of their role in the natural world with informative excursions that bring learning to life. When it’s all over, they'll come home smarter with more 21st-century skills for success and you’ll be a hero.


  • Work with our dedicated staff and local guides who put safety first
  • Create a custom tour and itinerary for your group of children or students
  • Choose from fun on-road rides and thrilling off-road treks
  • Select adventures that are great for any age range
  • Treat your group to snacks, a picnic and other fun activities
  • Opportunities to enhance school curriculums and Scout patch ceremonies
  • Student pricing available; special rates for large groups
  • Catering options are available (picnics, barbecues and upscale dinners)

Ready to roll

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