Sedona: Ancient Ruin


Tour Sedona Cliff Dwellings

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Tucked away in a remote canyon,
The relics of a prehistoric civilization.
This is a guided experience of Honanki Heritage Site,
A 700-year-old Native American cliff dwelling.
A ¾-mile nature trail takes you under a 900-ft cliff,
And brings you within the ruined walls of this ancient structure.
More than 1,500 petroglyphs and pictographs
stare back at you from the rocks.
Who were they? Why did they leave? Where did they go?
Your guide is ready with facts and stories,
And our custom Jeep® Wrangler is the best in the business
This tour includes a guided trip through Sedona’s back country.
Explore the deep history of Sedona on the Ancient Ruins tour.
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