Sedona: Custom Hiking Tour


Sedona Hiking Tour & Open-Air Jeep Ride

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Explore Sedona’s rugged terrain on foot
With an experienced hiking guide who knows the trails,
And can safely take you places
you don’t want to go in your rental car.
Come face-to-face with the landscape in an intimate setting.
Learn first-hand about the rich local history,
The diverse plants and wildlife that thrive in the desert,
And hear the stories that bring Sedona to life.
With several different trails to choose from,
Your guide will customize the tour
to suit your interests and level of fitness,
and insure your enjoyment and safety.
The tour begins and ends with a guided ride
in a one-of-a-kind pink Jeep Wrangler.
Lace up your hiking shoes.
Fall in love with the dirt and the fresh air. Let’s hit the trail!
Pink Jeep Tours. Explore with us.