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A local’s Perspective of Sedona’s Best Offerings

Having lived in Sedona for 15 years, I’ve earned my status as a local, and by Sedona standards I’d even be considered a native at this point! Here is a selection of some of my favorite haunts and things to do in Sedona:

  • Indian Gardens Cafe & Market Indian Gardens General Store has long been a local favorite in Sedona. Read the newspaper while enjoying a leisurely breakfast and a perfect cafe au lait on the tree-shaded terrace surrounded by Oak Creek Canyon’s wild beauty, or a cold late afternoon beer at the bar after a long hike. The staff is super down-to-earth and friendly.
  • Garland’s Indian Jewelry Next door to Indian Gardens, Garland’s has the finest and most authentic Native American jewelry collection in town. Also beautiful Kachinas and fine art. Well worth a look.
  • Take a walk at West Fork. It’s criss-cross-creek amidst the towering sandstone walls and tall pine trees of Oak Creek Canyon. Sit against a Ponderosa and listen to the soothing sound of spring water cascading over the smooth, flat planes of red sandstone that line the creek. Is this really the desert?
  • Sedona Memories Bakery Cafe...Indisputably and simply the best sandwiches in town--on freshly baked bread. Open 10:30am - 2pm Monday thru Friday.
  • For a more elegant but still casual lunch, try Enchantment Resort’s Tii Gavo. Make reservations and enjoy lunch surrounded by Boynton Canyon’s red rock spires and alcoves. See if anyone at the table can spot an ancient cliff dwelling! The Mushroom & Leek Flatbread is delicious and so are the beef sliders...oh, and the Strawberry Basil Mojito.
  • Pisa Lisa for some Gourmet pizza. Try the Funghi Decadente with Black Truffle Oil! Follow it up with Pistachio Panacotta & an espresso. Yum. Open for lunch and dinner.
  • Yoga anyone? Sedona Hot Yoga is the perfect way to strengthen, stretch, and detox. Begin or end the day with a 75 minute session. Staff is very friendly and welcoming to students of any level. Afterwards, you will feel utterly spectacular!
  • Visit Namti Spa for an inexpensive massage. Namti is also a massage school so the rates are super reasonable. Low-key, friendly and professional. Tip: book the 90 minute massage or you’ll regret not having done so at the end of 60 minutes!
  • Jerome is a quirky old copper mining town built 5,200 feet up on Cleopatra Hill in the late 1800’s. Back then it was the polestar of the Verde Valley with a population of 15,000. Now it’s an artsy, charming, and supposedly haunted shadow of its bustling former self. Walk around Jerome as the sun goes down and see if you can spot any ghosts at the old asylum, peer down some eery alleyways, or visit the old Douglas Mansion and Mining Museum.
  • Park at Doe Mesa to watch the sunset. Take bets on the exact time the last sliver of sunshine will disappear over the horizon.
As for nightlife, Sedona locals always kind of laugh when we’re asked about it. Nightlife? You’ll have to look heavenward for that. The star-filled night sky is the best show in town.

About the author

Mike is an adventure enthusiast that enjoys mountain biking the trails of Sedona, AZ, hiking with friends and family, and fishing throughout North America. His knowledge of the Southwest and best things to do around the area is an asset to travelers from around the world.

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