Things to Do at Grand Canyon West Rim

The Grand Canyon is a bucket list adventure for many travelers who often flock to the South Rim. Few first-time visitors are aware of the beauty and diverse activities only available at the Grand Canyon West Rim! And if you're visiting Las Vegas, this magical wonder is just over two hours away by car.

The driving distance from Las Vegas to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon is about 130 miles. Along the way, you'll also pass  Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and Boulder City. At the West Rim, you'll find the world-famous Skywalk, helicopter and boat tours, zip lining, scenic viewpoints and more.

The West Rim is situated on the Hualapai Indian Reservation. All enterprises are run by the Hualapai Tribe, whose members are eager to share their rich culture and heritage. The possibilities are endless, so we've put together a list of special things to do for everyone, from families to avid explorers to calm observers.

Grand Canyon Skywalk

Grand Canyon Skywalk

A definite must-see for any adventurer on their tour of the west rim of the Grand Canyon is the Skywalk glass bridge. This 2.5-inch thick glass bridge extends over the side of the canyon, hovering above a 4,000-foot drop to the bottom!

Walking out onto the bridge is exhilarating for just about anyone. For those who are afraid of heights, the surface is reinforced, allowing it to hold up to a whopping 71 million pounds! That’s seventy 747 passenger jets. However, fighting the fear is absolutely worth it. This Grand Canyon activity is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and will leave breathtaking memories that simply can’t be had anywhere but the Skywalk.

Eagle Point

The location of the Skywalk, Eagle Point, is named for a natural rock formation directly across the canyon in the shape of an eagle. With its wings spread wide, it appears to soar over the Grand Canyon, 4,000 feet above the canyon floor. Get the camera ready! There are photo opportunities of this inspiring formation from every view at Eagle Point. Guests will be in awe of nature’s beauty, with views for miles and miles. 

Grand Canyon Jeep Tours

Close-up of Pink Adventure Tour Trekker vehicle on highway during Las Vegas-Grand Canyon West tour.

Traveling from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West Rim has never been classier than with Pink Jeep Tours. A certified tour guide will pick up guests at their hotel in a custom Tour Trekker vehicle. With only 10 seats, you get a personalized experience, leather captain’s chairs, and oversized windows – perfect for picture-taking!

Tours to Grand Canyon West include lunch, parking, and admission fees, so the entire day is set and ready to go for you. Also included are several other viewpoints and popular sites around the area. For an additional fee, guests with Pink Jeep Tours can also enjoy the Skywalk, featured above.

Guano Point

Guano Point at Grand Canyon West Rim

Another dramatic viewpoint, Guano Point is famous for its year-round photo opportunities and beautiful views. Here, visitors can get up close and personal with the Grand Canyon by dining at the edge of the canyon at Guano Deli.

Another famous attraction is the Highpoint Hike. The top of the trail offers an incredible 360-degree view of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River below! Also at Guano Point are the remnants of a historic tram that once sprawled 8,800 feet across the Grand Canyon to a guano mine. That’s how Guano Point got its name.

The Zip Line at Grand Canyon West

Zip Line at Grand Canyon West

For the true thrill seekers, soar 1,000 feet above a spectacular side canyon of the Grand Canyon on a zip line. Approaching speeds up to 40mph, adventurers will experience nearly 3,200 feet of zippy adrenaline, surrounded by amazing scenery.

Hualapai Village

Grand Canyon West is home to the Hualapai Tribe, meaning “People of the Tall Pines.” When visiting Grand Canyon West, visitors can check out Hualapai Village. The village has several examples of Native American structures that can be explored on a self-guided tour. Visitors can also check out the Native American Gift Shop, where handmade items and souvenirs are available for purchase. 

Hualapai River Runners

Hualapi Rafting

Another singular way to experience the beauty of the Grand Canyon is to boat on the Colorado River with a crew of fellow adventurers. This thrilling experience moves through the depths of the canyon, revealing its secrets from within and below, rather than just looking down from the rim above. Not to mention the mighty Colorado River! But be prepared – the water temperature remains a cold 42ºF (5.5ºC) year-round. This is an unforgettable way to experience the Grand Canyon and Colorado River, only at Grand Canyon West.

Helicopter and Aerial View Tours

Helicopter flying over the Grand Canyon with view of the Colorado River below

If seeing the Grand Canyon from the rim isn’t quite enough, there is always the option of a helicopter tour. Flying high above the canyon will leave those who choose this option with plenty of opportunities for pictures, not only of the canyon, but of the Colorado River, as well. Taking this route will leave adventurers and visitors of all types in awe, as they witness the Grand Canyon in all its beauty and glory from above – and within – the canyon itself.


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