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The Hoover Dam has Huge History

The Hoover dam was built during the Great Depression. Construction of the dam began in 1931 under the supervision of the Bureau of Reclamation. Six different companies were contracted to build the dam...

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The Geology of Nevada's Red Rock Canyon

The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area covers almost 200,000 acres of beautiful, natural terrain in the Mojave Desert. Visitors flock to this park for the outdoor activities as well as to gaze...

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Little Known Facts about Valley of Fire State Park

Nevada’s Valley of Fire State Park is one of the most stunning landscapes in America. With close to 50,000 acres of preserved land, the park was the first to be established by the State of Nevada in 1...

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Grand Canyon South Rim, North Rim, West Rim: What’s the Difference?

Grand Canyon is one of the best showcases of geological, biological, and ecological diversity unrivaled by any other place across the World. At 277 river miles long, it is big! Don’t let the scale of ...

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If You Only Have One Day to Sight See in Las Vegas

In the City of Las Vegas, a one day visit can truly stretch an entire 24 hours! One of the most unique cities on earth; the bright lights and excitement of this city never end with the passing of the ...

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Best Place to See the Sunset at the Grand Canyon

Shoshone Point, Grand Canyon’s Hidden Sunset When asked, “where is the best place to watch the sunset at the Grand Canyon?” my reply has always been, “well, there really is no bad spot”. And it’s tru...

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Sedona - A Must See when Visiting Phoenix

Are you thinking of visiting Sedona? Well, grab your camera and let’s explore of one of the most visually stunning places in the world! With a population of about 15,000, Sedona is a small, peaceful ...

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A local’s Perspective of Sedona’s Best Offerings

Having lived in Sedona for 15 years, I’ve earned my status as a local, and by Sedona standards I’d even be considered a native at this point! Here is a selection of some of my favorite haunts and thin...

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